I’ve made a few videos, and this project made me remember something that I previously had forgotten – filming is a complete pain in the ass. I absolutely despise having to film things, set up shots, and overall try to make things look good. I did the majority of my filming yesterday and most of the stuff that I have is absolute garbage that is almost not salvageable through editing. The assumption that editing will make the footage better is also fraught with peril, as I have no idea how to use adobe editing software and I don’t have any other options for a program. Can we please just write a fucking paper instead of this utter nonsense. I’ve got so much shit to do that I can’t possibly put the time into making this project a success. I desperately hope that the grading process on this isn’t too harsh, because it’s going to be trash. I’m aware that most of this post is just bitching, but I’m significantly annoyed.

I spent five hours yesterday cooking and filming for this video and the end result wasn’t even that great. I made steamed scallops on a bed of mung bean vermicelli with a garlic sauce, stir-fried pink amaranth greens, and steamed vegetable dumplings. I think the recipes I used could have been more liberal on the addition of spices and seasoning, particularly the scallops. Also, I think that the Asian market was having an off-day in the fish department – there were barely any live fish when I was there on Sunday, and the scallops that I got weren’t great. They looked really delicious and fresh when I bought them, but they were just lacking in flavor and the texture was slightly off from how scallops normally are. I suspect that they had an issue with a supplier – they normally have dry or divers scallops, but I think the ones I bought might have been wet scallops.


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