I’ve got to say, while I have a decent idea for the third project, I’m not sure how I’m going to translate the idea into something that isn’t entirely lame. In addition to the fact that I’m not sure how to write something that is actually persuasive and won’t immediately make people want to turn off my video for lack of caring, I’ve never done videography before. I don’t really know how to make an aesthetically appealing video or edit. I’ve also made a point to never have my likeness show up in a video or anything, so the fact that I have to do a voiceover is a bit daunting for me. I just don’t like to put myself in things – I have a hard time when writing papers that require sections in first-person. Possibly I have some problems with dissociation. I don’t know. I’m also not going to be able to film anything until I get my tripod for home over Easter break, so I’m not really going to have anything for my first draft on Monday. I’m in the process of figuring out how to write the script for my draft right now, and I’m really not a fan of it.

I also have a fuck-ton of stuff to do before break, and I’m really not looking forward to this week. Thankfully, I just finished a paper proposal regarding the linguistic rhetorical devices Satan uses in his speeches in Paradise Lost. Which is not going to be fun to write, but whatever. Satan in Paradise Lost is one of the most fascinating literary characters that’s ever been written. He is absolutely inspiring and seems to be the protagonist for most of the epic, which is a huge point of contention for most scholars of Paradise Lost. Personally I’m coming to terms with the fact that the Miltonic Satan isn’t exactly my moral role model, but he comes pretty damn close.


One thought on “Videography

  1. Seems like we’re fretting over some of the same things for this project. I have nothing for class today. Lots of nerves with this project.

    Also, I liked your addition to the end. My high school English class talked about Paradise Lost a tiny bit, but I could imagine that’d be an interesting character to write and to write about.


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